Thoughts from the Chrysalis: Butterflies Needed

This is a strange time of quarantine and working from home. This is a difficult time of racial protests and political divides. This is an opportune time for change and innovation.

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The Impact of Response-Ability

As the years pass, it feels as though the frequency of crucial decisions increases, as does the intensity and costs of related consequences. There still exists a part of me that strives to minimize the frequency of wrong choices, but over time I appreciate more and more that it is less about the number of… Read more »

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Leading with Lived Experience

When I was 12 or 13 years old, I saw a grunge band video on MTV showing teenagers running from abusive homes and ending up on the street. In one scene, a brown-haired girl was dragged into a van by grown men. As I watched, my heart raced.

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Channeling Your Growth Zone

What is your ultimate objective in life? Discovering your purpose and why you’re here? Finding meaning in your existence and events as they unfold?

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Roots of Opportunity

Alaska had a really bad fire season last summer. The flames decimated 2.5M acres. When fall came, snow fell and the fires disappeared.  As spring arrived, smoke and steam could be seen rising out of the earth. The snows of an Alaskan winter had merely concealed the fire, not extinguished it. The roots of the… Read more »

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Leadership: Stepping Forward

February 19, 2007: That was the day my life became the motto “from tragedy to triumph.” I was proudly and confidently serving in the United States Army.

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