Into the Void

My favorite color is black. Besides its slimming effect, it is the color of the void. In the void lies all possibility and change. In the void lies the future.

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Leading from Within

Never in a million years did I dream I would start the first law school in Alaska. Not only am I the first person in my family to attend law school, I am also the first to attend a four-year university.

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Through The Lens

I have great compassion for my doctor, my dentist and my proctologist. I’m a portrait photographer, so I know what it’s like to greet clients with fear in their eyes. My greatest success, and my greatest joy, is when they leave relaxed, and perhaps a bit transformed.

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Reason to Care

Airport terminals are ideal places for interviewing strangers. Lots of down time, lots of isolation, lots of staring at nothing. Cell phones preoccupy most folks here at Minneapolis/St. Paul International, but the empty faces suggest a lack of authentic engagement.

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The Nomadic Opportunist

As we move into a future that will be unlike anything humankind has ever experienced, many feel displaced in some way, uncomfortable refugees of the digital age. If history repeats itself and human behavior is its enabler, what comparison, what point of reference, could provide insight and understanding to our current experience, and perhaps inform… Read more »

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No Dream is Ever Too Big

I will never forget my experiences working for ESPN during the 2015 and 2017 Special Olympics World Games along with doing an ESPY show or two and voiceovers. I was provided a chance that people with intellectual disabilities are never given. I was able to share my story and voice with the world. One of… Read more »

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Lessons In Smoke

Alaska has been on fire this summer. Flames have burned 2.5 million acres and the resulting smoke has engulfed the majority of the state’s population. References: About 2.5 Million Acres in Alaska Have Burned. The State’s Wildfire Seasons Are Getting Worse, Experts Say Time, August 21, 2019. Wildfires: The Air We Breathe KTUU, August 30,… Read more »

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The Future of Responsibility

For decades, science fiction writers and skilled marketers have been promising the panacea of a technically enhanced future, a carefree lifestyle in which we are relieved from the drudgery of routine tasks and the burdens of daily life. These well-intended visions of the future were partially correct.

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