Playing with Fire

Innovation is change that contains within it the promise of something better. It’s sexy. Its potential elicits excitement in anticipation that it will, in some way, make life easier by relieving us of one or more of life’s burdensome tasks or responsibilities. This is because we tend to think of innovation as an event occurring… Read more »

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In My

As a child, I remember talking with my parents about how much change my grandparents had seen and experienced throughout their lifetime. It was astonishing for me to think that they were born before the first radio broadcast (1920) or even more unthinkable, before the first television broadcast (1928). Recently, as I disconnected from myRead the post.

Never Bet Against Hong Kong

I was sitting at Peet’s Coffee sipping a café latte in Shanghai with China legend Bob Theleen when he leaned in and said, “Never bet against Hong Kong!”

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I Choose to Lead

Disruption, Disarray, Commotion, Uncertainty, Turmoil, Dismay As I reflect upon the challenges of 2020, these are the words that come to mind. I know I am not alone; the COVID-19 pandemic has been disruptive on so many levels for everyone – personally, professionally and emotionally.

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Making a Choice to Make a Difference

Blessings – having parents who love and care for you. Blessings – having a roof over your head. Blessings – knowing when you’ll eat again. I am blessed. I will never forget the day I realized others were not.

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The Impact of Response-Ability

As the years pass, it feels as though the frequency of crucial decisions increases, as does the intensity and costs of related consequences. There still exists a part of me that strives to minimize the frequency of wrong choices, but over time I appreciate more and more that it is less about the number of… Read more »

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Transformative Times Demand We Adapt

Transformation is frequently forged in the crucible of a crisis. As a result, the speed and degree at which we respond is often masked, obscured by intense feelings of fear, loss and uncertainty.

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