Seeking Opportunity

What comes to mind when you hear the term “hunter-gatherer”? It is likely that you envision a primitive person or tribe wandering the Savanna or a dense forest in search of edible plants and grubs with the occasional good fortune to secure a source of animal protein. And of course, in the evening, seeking shelter… Read more »

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Changing Landscapes

If you told me five years ago that seemingly competing AV companies would work closely together to bring products to market on a regular basis, I would have been quite surprised. At the time, the simple idea of competitive AV equipment makers partnering together was virtually nonexistent. Yet here in 2023, that’s precisely what is… Read more »

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The Power of Price Leadership

Leadership is a daunting task. Guiding, inspiring, and influencing teams towards sustainable growth is no small feat. Justifiably, we reward our business leaders for it. But ask yourself, when was the last time you led on pricing? Price is a dynamic force that holds the power to transform the bottom line. It is the cornerstone… Read more »

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Progress—it’s such an ironic concept. The thought of it excites the imagination in anticipation of positive change, while the effort of its pursuit and its demanding and unpredictable nature induces fatigue, uncertainty, and even fear.

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Investing to Retain Talent

Losing talent sucks. Unless you’re the general manager of a big-market baseball team, you can’t just pay someone 10 times what they made last year to keep them around. On top of that, employees have mobile 401(k)s, and at times can demonstrate patience and gratitude akin to a teething puppy.

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Expanding the Potential of Your Esports Program

As a mother of two young boys, for me there’s no escaping today’s popular gaming culture. Whether it’s connecting with friends after school, or gaming at the community rec center while my older son is perfecting his jump shot, gaming has impacted the way my kids—and kids across the world—interact and socialize.

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“This Can Never Happen to Me Again!”

Over 35 years in sales, sales training, salesmanagement, and executive sales leadership.I had built a nice resume and achieved a lotof success at companies both big and small.And then: BAM!!! I was terminated by my boss for thefirst time ever. I was floored.

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The Easy Button

Who hacked the Easy Button? This has been a common refrain around my company for the past decade. For those who are unfamiliar with the Easy Button, beginning in 2005 Staples, the office supply company, featured the button in its advertising campaigns. The concept: Got a challenge or a need? Press the Easy Button and presto, it’s… Read more »

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Cracking the Silicon Ceiling

How does an engineer become a business leader? More importantly, how do we enable today’s technologists to become tomorrow’s leaders? Engineering, at its core, is just using the context of technology to solve business challenges. It’s a craft that can’t be perfected and requires practitioners to continually educate, and reeducate, themselves to find the newest… Read more »

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