Transformative Times Demand We Adapt

Transformation is frequently forged in the crucible of a crisis. As a result, the speed and degree at which we respond is often masked, obscured by intense feelings of fear, loss and uncertainty.

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Building to Withstand a Crisis

The world is in the midst of a global pandemic, and with my agency operating on overdrive I am finding strength in a country music song. Through long days, and tough decisions, I sing, “The house don’t fall when the bones are good.”

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Ten Days that Shook My World (View)

English Russian I listened intently as a startup founder laid out her plan to dominate the world. That is not a strange occurrence for me. I work with and talk to startup founders every week. The difference was this one was in St. Petersburg, Russia. As a child of the Cold War, I grew up… Read more »

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A Path Destined to Live

Siblings. This simple word is the foundation of my life’s course. More than just people who share my DNA and family history, my siblings — identical twin sister and best friend, Melissa, and big brother, Josh — are more than supporting players in my life story.

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