The Future Of Responsibility

For decades, science fiction writers and skilled marketers have been promising the panacea of a technically enhanced future, a carefree lifestyle in which we are relieved from the drudgery of routine tasks and the burdens of daily life. References: Lost in SpaceHolodeckDear Parents: The Internet Never ForgetsOri Brafman  

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An Uncertain Journey

Imagine for a moment that you been taken on a journey and transported to an unfamiliar place. I use the terms taken and unfamiliar because the voyage was not optional, and the place, while similar to the one you left behind, feels both uncomfortable and foreign. The culture and methods of engagement are different. The… Read more »

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Living Leadership Experiences

Earlier this year, as news came through of continued unrest in Haiti, my heart ached. Memories of my life-changing experience there came flooding back.

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A Path Destined to Live

Siblings. This simple word is the foundation of my life’s course. More than just people who share my DNA and family history, my siblings — identical twin sister and best friend, Melissa, and big brother, Josh — are more than supporting players in my life story.

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A Warrior’s Song

It’s mid-morning. It’s dry, dusty, hot and almost 100° F. I’m walking through the market in Old Fangak, South Sudan.

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The Accidental Leader

I never set out to be CEO of a hospital. I actually had aspirations of beauty school in my younger years, as I always liked helping people feel good about themselves.

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