Fight, Flight, Freeze

September 5, 2008, is the day the world as I knew it was over. The call was brief but to the point. “Hey, it’s Linda from the bank. I wanted to give you as much notice as possible that the FDIC is shutting down the bank. I know that this is a complete surprise, as… Read more »

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The Power of Interpretation

I recently attended an incredibly impactful seminar. While there, I heard the following: “Face it, you are a meaning making machine,” “there is no inherent meaning in anything in life, only the meaning YOU gave to it.” I must say I was puzzled – along with everyone else in the room. I didn’t quite get… Read more »

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Chess, Donkey Kong and Minecraft

I have always thought of business in terms of a game. I suppose thinking of it in this context helped relieve the intensity of the day, eased difficult decisions and reduced the seriousness of the competition.  In the event I did not prevail at the challenge of the day, the imagery of a game reminded… Read more »

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The Rust of Legacy Thinking

Floating in the ether is hard. The ether being an aspect of change, the space between what we have known and that which we will come to know. This place, uncomfortably devoid of the familiar, especially over prolonged exposure, leaves many disoriented and flailing as the moorings that have defined our experience, and therefore our understanding… Read more »

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Embracing Inclusive Entrepreneurship

The word entrepreneurship often invokes an American romanticism of living the dream. For some, it is power and others wealth. For me, entrepreneurship means freedom. Freedom to choose my path, pursue my passions and do my laundry at a convenient time. Even more significantly, it is the freedom to determine the role I will play… Read more »

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Leading Through Wicked Problems

We have all lived what feels like a decade throughout the last year and half. Many are feeling exhausted, burned out, on the edge, and are having serious reconsiderations of their careers, locations, and what aspects of life and work are individually important. These questions and dilemmas are all understandable because we have been living… Read more »

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This I Believe

It’s easy to sit back and fret these days about the state of our world and wonder how we’re going to make any progress if we can’t even agree on what’s for dinner (never an argument in this house, as I decide and you eat or don’t). What’s more challenging is deciding how you’re going… Read more »

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Vulnerability as a Superpower!

“Vulnerability is not a weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.” – Dr. Brené Brown In December 2000, as a busy orthopedic surgeon in the prime of both my life and my career, I was neither ready nor willing to accept a breast cancer diagnosis.

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The Benefits of Mentoring

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” – Oprah Winfrey While some people prefer jelly over jam, I prefer jam. Honestly, I can’t tell the difference; I just like saying the word “jam.” Whenever anyone asks me what I think about mentoring, I always reply, “That’s my jam!”

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