Analytics is for Everyone

I am a military math nerd. I read statistics textbooks and calculus primers for fun – and then go to work and blow things up.

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Pledging to Include

We live in a time of division. Indeed, there is even division over how divided we are (or aren’t). To me, the problem isn’t that we are divided – a vibrant marketplace of ideas is the source of a healthy society; rather, it is that we are not good at it. We meet difference with… Read more »

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Think Above and Lead

Leadership is emotional! There, I said it.It’s not something people want to talk about or even admit. But leadership, like life itself, is an emotional experience. As a leader, more responsibility brings more emotions into situations, and managing them is ultimately a significant factor of success.

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From Tragedy to Hope

Everything I thought I knew was turned upside down following a tragedy that I experienced seven years ago. My six-year-old son, Jesse, was brutally murdered in his first-grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. It was one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history.

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Bigger than a Box

The ShelterBox tent is a big piece of equipment. It’s easily three long strides across. Maybe that’s why I didn’t notice her at first. In fact, that’s probably the first thing I remember about Jingky and that long-ago trip to the Philippines – that she wasn’t there, and then suddenly, she was.

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Trust Yourself in the Chaos of Life

I learned one of my most important life lessons on a day that scared me half to death. I was learning to surf on a beautiful day, but the San Diego swell was way above my novice ability. I went for a wave I should not have attempted.

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Applying Experience to Purpose

Chances are that in the time you read this piece, somewhere on this good earth a journalist will be threatened, censored, assaulted, unjustly arrested, jailed, kidnapped, or, God forbid, murdered. The free press and liberal democracy will have received yet another grievous wound.

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