Mentoring the Future

The caller ID pops up on my cell phone. It’s an intern from years past. A smile emerges, the hellos quickly bringing us back to a comfortable place. As the conversation progresses, it’s clear this is more than a call to catch up. They have called for advice.

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A Personal Journey of a Professional Pursuit

Four years ago, as part of a PhD degree program, I began researching whether and how people’s beliefs differ related to the concept of well-being. This professional pursuit and examination generated unexpected revelations: The experience transpired into a highly personal, transformational journey that can only be described as serendipitous.

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Building Strength Through Trauma

Life can be hard. Brutal, sometimes, presenting challenges that can feel overwhelming. But it is often the darkest of times that reveal personal resiliency, inspiration and the ability of the human spirit to exhibit grace under fire.

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The Power of a Positive Mindset

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented change and major shifts to all our lives. The uncertainty of what lies ahead can bring about worry and frustration. As the business world begins to adjust to a new normal, we can do the same with our lives.

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In My

As a child, I remember talking with my parents about how much change my grandparents had seen and experienced throughout their lifetime. It was astonishing for me to think that they were born before the first radio broadcast (1920) or even more unthinkable, before the first television broadcast (1928). Recently, as I disconnected from myRead the post.

The Leader Within

America is suffering from a single crisis that fuels all others: loss of faith. I am not referring to spiritual faith, for there are many who broadcast their beliefs with fire and fury. I am not referencing faith in party or tribe, as there are many who wrap themselves in the symbols of their brand,… Read more »

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A Future of Our Choosing

It is our free will, our ability to choose, that sculpts the future. This statement may appear a bit of a misnomer since rarely, outside of an election season, is the importance and power of personal choice at the forefront of public attention. But in fact, there is nothing more potent nor more powerful than… Read more »

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