Change Is Always Constant

Like many people experienced, 2022 for me was no joke. Although being a leader sometimes means you have to find the humor—no matter how dark, in different situations. I don’t think the year set out to kill me, but I do know it held me by my feet over a cliff and dared me to… Read more »

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Self-Leadership is a Journey

You can learn a lot about somebody by watching what they do. But how much time do you spend watching yourself? At the beginning of 2022, I had a big decision to make. I was offered a senior position to help lead our firm into a new chapter. It was an exciting offer with a… Read more »

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The Easy Button

Who hacked the Easy Button? This has been a common refrain around my company for the past decade. For those who are unfamiliar with the Easy Button, beginning in 2005 Staples, the office supply company, featured thebutton in its advertising campaigns. The concept: Got a challenge or a need? Press the Easy Button and presto,… Read more »

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Learning from Loss

As I sat here thinking about what to write, something a wise man once said to me came into my mind: “You can’t make progress until you’re brutally honest  about where you’re starting from.” That wise man was my previous boss, who then became my dear friend and mentor.

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Seeing Those Around Us

In the past year, I prepared and delivered remarks for the memorial services of two very dear friends. Not just dinner companions, traveling buddies or co-workers—though they were all of those things. These were truly dear friends, people who formed part of my foundation and whom I knew I could call anytime for perspective and… Read more »

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Lessons from the Past

As a Māori woman, my experiences and understandings have been shaped by the knowledge passed down by indigenous people before me. They offer perspectives that a lot of the world has forgotten or overlooked for one reason or another. What we’re doing to our planet and what we’re doing to other people shed light on… Read more »

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Brave Leadership

In ever dreamt of a career in politics, but I found my political career launched when I became the policy director for a school board member in the second largest school system in the nation.

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Scarcity & Abundance: Two Sides of the Same Coin

When I began my coaching business, I was deeply concerned about how to make it work, how to find clients, and how to make money. As a solopreneur, everything was on me. I had to make it work because I had left a high-paying job, with benefits and security, for a bigger purpose.

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