Truth Be Told

I lie a lot. I’m not proud of it and I am working on improving, but alas, it’s true. I’m talking about the lies I tell myself. They’re numerous, they’re consistent and they’re often quite easy to justify.

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In Search of Tall Poppies

Tall Poppies: An analogy for those who stand above their peers due to their skills, accomplishments and personal success and who are, by virtue of what they’ve accomplished, often targeted by their peers and society in general.

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Trust Your Strengths

A major career change accompanied by a major move set in motion a domino effect from which I’m still grieving, learning and growing after realizing my career was my identity.

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Normal: The Creativity Killer

Normal: It is the box where we compartmentalize our lives. Its walls are constructed of the status quo and it holds within it our beliefs and expectations, our traditions and our dreams. It is the vessel that frames our understanding of the world, and accordingly, defines our personal spaces and comfort zones. Normal demands conformity.… Read more »

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The Silver Lining of a Crisis

By definition, it is impossible to imagine the unimaginable. But history has demonstrated time and time again that the unimaginable does occur.

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The Code to Finding Purpose and Power

As a surfer, I have spent tens of thousands of hours floating on the surface of the sea. Under the curved blue dome of sky, I have gazed optimistically toward the horizon looking for the unseen, trying to discern exactly where to catch the next wave, that band of energy created from the friction between… Read more »

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Character: Built Not Born

One of the most important attributes of leadership is character. Yet common societal constructs for character are often overly simplified and inappropriately deterministic.

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I am a Whistleblower! You Should Be Also

We are all experiencing the largest personal and global crisis of our lifetime. In such times, we are given, because of the confinement and the precious commodity of time, the opportunity to reflect on what really matters in our own lives and in the lives of others.

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