Innovation and the Innovator

We hear a lot about innovation these days, but what is it?

Innovation is imagination applied. And by applied, I mean it takes energy. Imagination, without the energy and force of will to achieve behind it, is nothing more than an idea.

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The Invitation of Uncertainty

Uncertainty invites ideas and ideas invite debate.

I once read that “when everything is uncertain anything is possible.” Stated another way, when everything is uncertain all ideas possess a spark of possibility.

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Climb Out

It may be time to climb out of the well and look for a new place to dig! Often, when faced with a problem or a challenging period, we hunker-down and focus on details within the comfort zone of familiarity.

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My Gritty Team

I have a gritty team and I am proud of it!

Recently Forbes highlighted “grit” as a key factor in success. The article states that, “According to psychologist Angela Duckworth, the secret to outstanding achievement isn’t talent. Instead, it’s a special blend of persistence and passion that she calls – grit.”

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Investing in Engagement

Do you ever wonder what you’d do without your cell phone? I know a few people who claim they would, quite literally, die without this little tool. I think dying is a bit extreme but their point is well taken. It’s amazing how we have become quite dependent upon our little devices. I feel the… Read more »

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When Moving Forward is Risky

I work for a 100-year-old water utility in Colorado. We are a public sector entity, meaning our employees are afforded additional constitutional protections. Our average employee tenure is more than 14 years, an average driven down by the number of retirements in recent years. For much of our history, we have operated like many other… Read more »

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The Upside to a Downturn

I recently heard an oil industry executive quoted as saying that, “innovation does not happen at $100.00 a barrel.” Indeed, it has been my experience that full funding is the glue that holds status quo in place. It is hard to implement meaningful and substantial change while we are reclining in our comfort zones. The… Read more »

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