The Rotten Truth

The fish rots from the head, or so the saying goes.

Every person working in an organization looks to their leader for the standard, and if the leader works at a fairly low bar, the organization will surely suffer.

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Pray, Bail and Shout

Leadership is a lot like fossil fuel — formed from the accumulation of some pretty rotten stuff over time with a great deal of pressure. But my best and abiding leadership lessons are those that involved the kind of immense pressure that results in diamonds.

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The DNA of Achievement

Technology is no longer a competitive differentiator, leadership is, entrepreneurial leadership to be precise. Given the continual impact that technology has on our lives and the promise of advancements that lay just over the horizon, this may appear a provocative statement.

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

For the past 30 years, I’ve pursued the answer to this question: “What distinguishes the best entrepreneurs and innovators from the rest of us?”

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An Incredible Journey

At just four years old, he witnessed a gang murder in the street while he was playing in the front yard with his mom. The gang knew what he had seen, and for that they sentenced the little boy and his mother to death.

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Growing Up Global

I had always worked at places with very black and white structures and management: You executed your duties, you reported to those above you, you wore one hat, and you never saw the big picture or how your work contributed. It was work, and there was no true passion.

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Transformation of a Leader

Ask any superintendent in the field of public education and they will tell you the job of leading a school district is not only unique in structure and objective, it is also genuinely difficult work. To do it well requires courage, tenacity and resilience

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