Confounded by Denial

Scientific and technical advancements are impressive, powerful, and critically important, but they will not cure what ails society. The COVID-19 Pandemic has reinforced this fact; abundantly evident by the disregard by many of the long-ignored public health and environmental concerns. Each serve as proof that our world is changing, and that it is no longer… Read more »

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Mind That Thought

In the absence of information, people make shit up! I know this is not the most eloquent phrase, but it is concise and contains within it an undeniable and increasingly relevant truth.

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The Innovation Mindset

For most of my career, CEOs and executives have been asking me the same question: “How do we become more innovative?” My answer is always the same: you need a culture that reinforces psychological safety

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Struggle Well: A Leadership Lesson for All

Struggle well. It is a phrase I have come to embrace more and more in life as I come to a better understanding of how best to navigate life’s challenges, particularly when failure emerges from unexpected places, at unpredicted times, in the middle of life’s pursuits. That struggle can feel all too real, almost visceral,… Read more »

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Social Creatures Need Connections

There is a lot of talk about how most companies will go “totally virtual” after the pandemic. I think this is a huge mistake. Don’t get me wrong. I run Sherpa Digital Media. We do virtual events and video streaming for a living.

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An Accidental Entrepreneur

The economic recession in the early 1990s resulted in a significant decrease in government funding for scientific research in Canada. Little did I realize then just how that particular federal budget would launch the trajectory of my career into unanticipated and uncharted territory.

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Investing in Relationships

It’s a tough time to work in the trust business. Sounds dramatic, but for public relations practitioners who guide their clients’ actions in an effort to build trust with stakeholders, the task has never been more challenging.

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Lessons in Resilience

With the job title Vice President of Wishes at Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington, it is easy to think that I sit at my desk all day waving a magic wand and creating joy and happiness for children and families.

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