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As a child, I remember talking with my parents about how much change my grandparents had seen and experienced throughout their lifetime. It was astonishing for me to think that they were born before the first radio broadcast (1920) or even more unthinkable, before the first television broadcast (1928). Recently, as I disconnected from myRead the post.

The Leader Within

America is suffering from a single crisis that fuels all others: loss of faith. I am not referring to spiritual faith, for there are many who broadcast their beliefs with fire and fury. I am not referencing faith in party or tribe, as there are many who wrap themselves in the symbols of their brand,… Read more »

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A Future of Our Choosing

It is our free will, our ability to choose, that sculpts the future. This statement may appear a bit of a misnomer since rarely, outside of an election season, is the importance and power of personal choice at the forefront of public attention. But in fact, there is nothing more potent nor more powerful than… Read more »

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Basic Necessity: Communication

We are amidst a time of disease, hatred and collusive agendas, where news media has become more essential and also more corrupt. As people turn to their TVs and mobile devices for the latest information, we as journalists and media contributors must be inclusive and diligent in our approach to reporting to protect people’s lives… Read more »

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Crisis Management: Why Servant Leadership Matters

I was the director of nursing at a large long-term care facility in Gainesville, Florida, when we were directly impacted by a major hurricane on Labor Day weekend in 2004.

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Meaning and Fulfillment Is the New Wealth

At times as I was growing up in Aotearoa/New Zealand, I felt like I was slipping off the edge of the world. It’s so silent in places that in moments alone I would wonder if I was still on the face of the earth. Back then, more than anything I wanted to leave, to go… Read more »

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The Peaceful Entrepreneur

I enjoy spending my free time mentoring startup CEOs and founders at the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator. As a fellow entrepreneur, I’m drawn to creative individuals with a vision. Whether they are pitching a new medical device or an engineering software tool, I love their enthusiasm and passion.

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