Our Relationship with Failure

I am beginning to understand my relationship with failure. That’s what it is, a relationship. More precisely, I can now say that I have come to understand that it is not failure that is so frightening; it is the fear of being judged that terrifies and intimidates.

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Creativity Paves the Way to Self-Sufficiency

If you had told me 17 years ago when I came to work for Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) that one day I’d be talking about how to create the world’s first indigenous-developed video game, I never would have believed you.

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Consciousness Crisis – A Call for Evolutionary Leadership

Most of us recognise the obvious – that the world is undergoing a period of dynamic disruption driven by many factors, including technology, globalization, and the current transition into the “imagination age”… a paradigm shift requiring significant transformation.

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