Think Above and Lead

Leadership is emotional! There, I said it.It’s not something people want to talk about or even admit. But leadership, like life itself, is an emotional experience. As a leader, more responsibility brings more emotions into situations, and managing them is ultimately a significant factor of success.

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From Tragedy to Hope

Everything I thought I knew was turned upside down following a tragedy that I experienced seven years ago. My six-year-old son, Jesse, was brutally murdered in his first-grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. It was one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history.

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Bigger than a Box

The ShelterBox tent is a big piece of equipment. It’s easily three long strides across. Maybe that’s why I didn’t notice her at first. In fact, that’s probably the first thing I remember about Jingky and that long-ago trip to the Philippines – that she wasn’t there, and then suddenly, she was.

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Trust Yourself in the Chaos of Life

I learned one of my most important life lessons on a day that scared me half to death. I was learning to surf on a beautiful day, but the San Diego swell was way above my novice ability. I went for a wave I should not have attempted.

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Applying Experience to Purpose

Chances are that in the time you read this piece, somewhere on this good earth a journalist will be threatened, censored, assaulted, unjustly arrested, jailed, kidnapped, or, God forbid, murdered. The free press and liberal democracy will have received yet another grievous wound.

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Inclusion Revolution

I never once had a lecture on intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) in medical school. I never had a professor show me how to do a physical exam on a person with ID/DD. I never received training on medications for someone with ID/DD. Yet somehow, I got the impression that caring for people with ID/DD… Read more »

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Earning Resilience

Resilience is something we earn. Sometimes we earn it through hard work and intense efforts. Other times, we earn it through surrender and the release of some-thing that is no longer supportive personally or to our organization.

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Finding Myself Under Unplanned Circumstances

I am a planner. I actually wrote my bucket list in 1986 when I graduated from high school, and everything on that list – well, almost everything – has been achieved. As the youngest in my house, I felt the need to make a statement, to demonstrate to my parents and siblings that I was… Read more »

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A Bull Named Technology

For the past 20 years we have been riding a bull and its name is Technology. I acknowledge we have been on this bull longer, but as the new millennium approached it felt as if the stall gate burst open, the lack of restraint launching us on an unsettled ride with thrills and risks we… Read more »

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