Climb Out

It may be time to climb out of the well and look for a new place to dig! Often, when faced with a problem or a challenging period, we hunker-down and focus on details within the comfort zone of familiarity.

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Investing in Engagement

Do you ever wonder what you’d do without your cell phone? I know a few people who claim they would, quite literally, die without this little tool. I think dying is a bit extreme but their point is well taken. It’s amazing how we have become quite dependent upon our little devices. I feel the… Read more »

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First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter. But what follows a first impression, the repeating pattern that emerges, is where expectations are formed. Individuals, teams or organizations will, through their behaviors and actions, have an opportunity to show what they are made of, what they are committed to, or what they are capable of. First impressions, therefore, are either… Read more »

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The Trouble with ERM

  Enterprise Risk Management. It is a not-so-sexy phrase too often bandied-about the upper echelons of management with little appreciation for the true meaning of the term, and quite frankly, little desire to pursue any comprehension beyond the ability to say “Yes! We do ERM!” While I’ve enjoyed many a Dilbert© cartoon on the subject,… Read more »

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A Happenstance Innovator

I have never considered myself an innovator. In fact, as a young musician, I frequently found myself one step behind the curve when it came to creating the next cool sound. During the formative years of my professional career, I was constantly told there are very few new ideas and more regurgitation and repackaging of… Read more »

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Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism is a business framework and movement that is picking up steam outside and around the world. Chapters of business people promoting this idea are now alive and well in 18 U.S. cities and 8 more abroad. A magazine called Conscious Company is now on shelves in 49 of the 50 states (including AK).… Read more »

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Job Shadowing

Business success relies upon people. Who wants your employees to know more? Who wants your people to better use the knowledge they already have? Who wants those working for you to perform better? If I had 100 successful business leaders in a room and asked them the above questions, I bet their answers would all… Read more »

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The Upside to a Downturn

I recently heard an oil industry executive quoted as saying that, “innovation does not happen at $100.00 a barrel.” Indeed, it has been my experience that full funding is the glue that holds status quo in place. It is hard to implement meaningful and substantial change while we are reclining in our comfort zones. The… Read more »

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A Different Perspective

It’s hard for Alaskans not to feel like we’re “under siege”. Every day, there’s more news about low oil prices in Alaska, which is adversely affecting the State budget, oilfield-related jobs, and the ripple effect of state contracts not awarded. Many of us wonder if Alaska’s opportunities will be limited in the future – will… Read more »

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