From the Lab to Main Street

I have been a licensed psychologist and clinically focused researcher for more than 20 years and have spent the last 10 years working to bridge the gap between those who need alcohol addiction treatment and those who receive it.

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Playing with Fire

Innovation is change that contains within it the promise of something better. It’s sexy. Its potential elicits excitement in anticipation that it will, in some way, make life easier by relieving us of one or more of life’s burdensome tasks or responsibilities. This is because we tend to think of innovation as an event occurring… Read more »

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The Irony of Time

It’s a secret that hides in plain sight: Technology companies are converging upon a single destination: sameness. This statement may seem outlandish. After all, how could anyone think that Google, Apple and Amazon – or should I say Google Home, Apple Home and Amazon Alexa – are the same? I am sure you get the… Read more »

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Be an Information Advocate

Like most Americans, I consider disinformation to be a serious threat to our democracy and economy. Efforts to intentionally mislead by polluting the overall information environment undermine the capacity of individuals and organizations to engage in informed decision-making.

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Changing the Personal and Professional Game

BOOM BOOM BOOM goes the clomping above my head as the ceiling shakes. The elephants are awake, I think to myself, quickly hitting “save as draft” on my email. The race is on: I have 20 minutes to complete critical tasks before my quiet and peaceful work space will be obliterated by a hungry and… Read more »

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In My

As a child, I remember talking with my parents about how much change my grandparents had seen and experienced throughout their lifetime. It was astonishing for me to think that they were born before the first radio broadcast (1920) or even more unthinkable, before the first television broadcast (1928). Recently, as I disconnected from myRead the post.

Choosing Change

In today’s world, when something is broken we tend to throw it out. No real thought or consideration, just out with the old and in with the new, shiny replacement that promises to make life easier, better and more vibrant than before. But the older I get, the more I begin to question the validity… Read more »

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