Forget the “New Normal”

The “new normal” is a tired and meaningless phrase. Do a Google search. I did, and Google returned this: “About 4,960,000,000 results (0.68 seconds).” That’s close to five billion—with a capital “B.” Let’s agree on this from the start: There is nothing new or normal in 2022 except for the unrelenting pace of change that… Read more »

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The Female Advantage

I fixated on fitting in, wearing a bland outfit so as not to draw attention to myself. I worked at staying quiet, not saying too much, sitting at a table in the back of the room.

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The Great Reveal

If I had a nickel for every time I told a client, “That resignation was avoidable,” I would have a lot of nickels.

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Solutions for a Precarious Planet

I think that identifying solutions for the current environmental crisis is how we will ensure a healthy planet for future generations. Along these same lines, holding leaders accountable for implementing these solutions is how we will get the job done.

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What Corporates Can Learn from Start-Ups

It all started with £20,000 for a coffee-machine at the new Kipferl Café and Kitchen restaurant in Corums Field, London. I’ve spent the majority of my career in large, global companies, but roughly 15 years ago a friend gave me my first opportunity to invest in a start-up: his hospitality business.

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Overcome the Imposter

My grandfather and father are both entrepreneurs, so naturally, being an entrepreneur was a dream of mine growing up. I remember selling handmade pipe-cleaner flowers and concocting other business plans as I sat in the office of my grandmother, who was the CFO. I

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Leadership as Advocacy

Our job does more to define us than any other factor in our lives, which means work matters. Work is the primary determinant of economic security, social status, and the structure of our relationships.

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Chess, Donkey Kong and Minecraft

I have always thought of business in terms of a game. I suppose thinking of it in this context helped relieve the intensity of the day, eased difficult decisions and reduced the seriousness of the competition.  In the event I did not prevail at the challenge of the day, the imagery of a game reminded… Read more »

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